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Default Corvallis Fire Department

Earlier this week, I heard a CFD medic unit using what appeared to be a repeater indicating they were currently at Woodburn on I-5. They apparently were using an input of 156.195 and a 154.340 output. As strong as the 154.340 signal was, I assume it was from the Marys Peak site. The dispatcher told the mobile unit that their signal was so strong it was like they were next door. I didn't detect any of the transmission coming over the 158.820 frequency at that time. Since then, I hear them back on 158.820. Any idea if this is the long-range plan (repeater operation) and, if so, if only for CFD or for all Benton County fire agencies? The Marys Peak (assuming that is what I was hearing) sure packs a wallop compared to the Vineyard site (again, assuming that's where the 158.820 base signal originates). I can see where it would be nice to have that long-range coverage, especially when medic units are transporting to Portland-area hospitals. Anyone have any ideas on where they are headed with these changes?
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