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Sorry for the post delay. I was writing a reply at 2320 my time and got a phone call from my oldest's grandmother about something crazy my ex is doing an within 10 minutes I was in my pickup on my way to the other side of the state 300 miles away…makes for a long night.

Anyway, what I was originally going to say (when I was replying on my laptop) was Motorola has no form of user/talkgroup management for Tier II DMR (can't confirm the same about Hytera). Traditionally what would be done is the division of useres across the two talk groups however, with most major manufacturers offering pseudo trunking options for a single channel that is actually the best way to go. Think of it as a two channel LTR system with less bulk. Users get the first "available" slot when needed and aren't really tied to an assigned slot.

The big problem, pseudo trunking isn't part of the Tier II or Tier III standard so it is proprietary to each manufacturer. Honestly, I'd recommend Simoco Xd line of repeaters (not just because they are a U.K. company) as they do feature what Simoco calls simple repeater, dual slot (pseudo trunking on a single channel), user/talkgroup management in terms of white and black listing, and true mixed mode operation with out having to purchase any kind of EID or license for the hardware. Just my opinion based on your needs and wants.

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