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I heard most of that incident LIVE as it happened. Numerous law enforcement agencies responded to and investigated the 911 TEXTS for the alleged incidences during that 2 plus hour call.

Every one were totally investigated. Officers were actually in the area of many of the reports when they were relayed by dispatch. Those reports were immediately debunked by those officers. As far as I heard, all reports were from 911 texts. No actual phone voice calls for anything.

Law enforcement and USAFA tweeted with the public and media with any updates.

3 of the 4 local TV stations here in Colorado Springs went LIVE with their news anchors with reports and LIVE with reporters outside the grounds. USAFA PIO.came out to meet with them too.

FAKE NEWS. No way. Outstanding work by the USAFA staff, law enforcement and the 911 dispatchers and their staff. Very reasonable and accurate reporting by all news crews, as well.

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