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LOL! What do I know RF from RFM. I just know they work very well inside a vehicle with the factory antenna and have tried several mobile antenna solutions. They all just degraded the range significantly.

The DTR forums are here:
Motorola DTR Radios - Start Here

Some great enthusiasts there.

Also, check out this thread on this forum:

As for busy pockets of users, it is good to hear. I have never been to Vegas but could see how all five channels might be busy, especially when you get up a few floors. If you have the DLR, just switch to channel 6. If you have the DTR, just program in one new channel; it should solve the problem in those very rare places with lots of other users.

If one wants to forego the programming cable and software, it is easy to do from the front panel. Add a new Public Group and you have 10 channels to choose from, and 100 unit ID numbers. Just program the radios so that the group number AND the group ID match, and you are good to go.

In case anyone asks, the five factory default channels on the DTR are:
- Public Group 1, Group ID 1
- Public Group 1, Group ID 2
- Public Group 1, Group ID 3
- Public Group 1, Group ID 4
- Public Group 1, Group ID 5

The six factory "channels" on the DLR are:
- Channel 1, Unit ID 1
- Channel 1, Unit ID 2
- Channel 1, Unit ID 3
- Channel 1, Unit ID 4
- Channel 1, Unit ID 5
- Channel 1, Unit ID 6

The first five on the DLR are the same frequency hopping algorithm as the DTR, so they will talk to each other.

The DTR has almost 1000 choices of "channels" and the DLR has close to 100,000 combinations of channel number and ID number, and both can be programmed without a cable or software, so even in the busiest area, it is easy to find a new "channel."
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