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Originally Posted by Chickenhawk56 View Post
Let us know how this goes! good luck and keep us updated.

We all had fun contributing to this thread and there is a some good information for others who may have similar needs. Lots of great suggestions from some VERY experienced folks in here.

LOL! Don't tell anyone. Firearms trainer/writer.

I work primarily with LE and military on how to shoot fast and accurate.

Also 25 years in the film business (which is where I am using two-way radios on a daily basis.)

Not going to say any more, but let's just say I am so anal about safety that Sam Jackson once affectionately called me "mean - -" ... well, let's just say it was the same thing he once called a bunch of snakes. And a plane.

And Keanu Reeves kept calling me sir, until I told him he didn't need to call me sir. So he started calling me Obi-Wan because he said I was the Jedi Master of gun training.

Stuff like that. Lots of fun.
Ha I gotcha. I rock out a full size 1911 45 cal for duty purposes. Best handgun in the world IMO.

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