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It's an amazing area. I lived in Whitehorse for a couple of years. 2001-2003. The scenery is stunning.

Forgot listening to law enforcement, they are encrypted in the Yukon. If you are a ham operator, the listing on repeaterbook is pretty accurate, the Yukon Amatuer Radio Association has a wide area linked repeater system. Well maintained. If you are DStar capable, there is a 144/440/1200MHz DStar stack in Whitehorse. Google the club name, they have a decent map of repeater locations and approximate coverage. 99% of all LMR is VHF, UHF is pretty much only used for linking. The government radio network is analogue/P25 conventional. Although I have not been there is almost 15 years, I doubt there is any trunking yet. Limited cell coverage outside the towns and Whitehorse. Check and see if your cellular company has a roaming agreement with Northwest Tel/Bell Mobility. Very little coverage on the highways.

The radio reference database is pretty much useless for Yukon, best to use the search function on your scanner.

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