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If this new data related to the NC DNR, then a link from that page would be appropriate. If it doesn't, then a new page is called for

Now the harder questions; do these NC State Parks use a trunked system or are they strictly repeaters? If they use a trunk system, then we have a completely different set of guidelines, but let's start with assuming they are all on some sort of analog repeaters.

I would start by building your data off-line; a simple column format - no table needed - is likely the easiest to start with. Using a good text based editor like Notepad ++ (which is free) is highly recommended as it's lots more efficient than Windows Notepad at building several pages at once. A simple format like this could be a starting point;

Harnett County Public Safety Radio IDs - The RadioReference Wiki

See how everything is preceded by an asterisk (shift of 8)? That's the easy way to create unordered lists. no HTML breaks or other nonsense needed.

Now, the next trick is to decide what categories the data belongs in. A category is a wiki construct that gathers all articles with a common theme in one place. You can easily find out which categories we have defined for North Carolina by cutting / pasting the following code in your user page;

{{findcat |entity=North_Carolina}}

When you store this, it should become a URL. Click on it, and you will be taken to the section in the wiki that lists all the North Carolina categories. If you don't see something you need, post it here and we'll see what we can do. By policy, every article must belong to at least 1 category, even if it's only North Carolina's state name. A category is written thusly;

[[Category:North Carolina]]

An article can belong to more than 1 category, each should be written on a separate line for ease of maintenance..

Next; what to do when you're ready to test and publish your code....Mike
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