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Default Great radio

Originally Posted by N4KVE View Post
i have been following this topic on their site. Most buyers are pleased, but a few report the VHF side is deaf. Plenty of comments from owners on the Facebook group.
I have it and it is great. The comment about VHF being deaf is simply not true at all. Works very well on VHF and analog. Very happy with the radio.

I did have the TYT MD-9600 and returned that radio. It is a complete train wreck with hardware and firmware issues. Avoid it. It's sister handheld radio, the MD2017 is also a piece of junk. Antenna connector breaks easily and people hate the track ball. I would also avoid. TYT has no US based service so don't pay a high price for an unsupported radio from TYT....unless they come down to around $100 when it is worth the risk and become a throw-away if it fails.
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