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Originally Posted by scancapecod View Post
I'll try to do that over the weekend. The remote head does not easily come apart from the mount, and it's a bit of a chore to get the CAT5 cable bent in a good direction without crimping it, but it works out.
Thanks, I appreciate it! I've seen one pic of the rear of the remote head and it was mounted what appeared to be a Panavise flexible goose neck-style mount. I wish they had designed it with a standard |_| bracket but as long as it supports a standard AMPS pattern it shouldn't be too difficult to fabricate a decent looking mounting option.

Originally Posted by scancapecod View Post
I'm happy that they chose to have the mic jack on the remote head, so many other amateur manufacturers seem to keep it on the actual radio body. This install is working out well for me thus far. If I'm reprogramming I just pull it out from under the seat, set the laptop on the seat, and off I go.
I agree 100%. I wish every manufacturer would attach the mic to the remote head vs the brick. Glad to hear reports of the VHF side being deaf is just internet lore, or, maybe more accurately, limited to a small number of radios.
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