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Default Looking for a panel for multiple antennas

I am working on the next phase of my shack, and that is the creation and installation of a wall panel for the antennas.

I am thinking of using panel mounts like these:

Some will be for N, others for F, BNC but the majority will be for SO239/PL259.I like these since they would present a uniform size and spacing.

Is there already a panel that will accommodate multiple connectors like this? In total I need 24 connectors but I could use multiple panels (4 6's, 2 12's etc.) if needed.

I would prefer copper but other decent conducting metal would work. I plan on connecting it to a copper water pipe ground as the panel is being mounted on the dry side of a wet wall as the washer, drier and slop sink are on the opposite side of the same wall.

If I can find such a panel I would put in the connectors, mask them and then paint the panel to match the wall. I would then use patch cords to the radios.
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