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I always made my own out of a blank 19" rack panel. It was cheaper and easier than having something fabricated. At the time, I never researched purchasing a pre-made one since it was just easy enough to make our own.

Now, what we do is mount a grounding buss to the wall, mount the PolyPhaser to the ground bar and bring out cable in that way. I've got a "configurable" site we use for research projects that is set up this way. A large frame on the roof will support antennas for the research projects (currently an array of 24 Iridium antennas), with 1/2" Heliax coming through a "dog house" style roof penetration. Under that, the ground buss is mounted to the wall, 24 Polyphasers are mounted to the ground buss, and the researchers just connect to the specific PolyPhaser.

From what it sounds like you need, a sheet of heavy copper or aluminum would do the trick. You could probably get a local fabrication shop to place the holes for the coax connectors. Probably for a bit more, you could get it powder coated in the color of your choice.
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