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Originally Posted by N9JIG View Post
This is for attic antennas so there will not be PolyPhasers (There is already lightening protection on the roof exterior).
As I'm sure you know, induced energy from a nearby strike can still damage your equipment, but that's your option.

Originally Posted by N9JIG View Post
Most coax lines are RG6QS, RG58 or RG8X.
Won't really make much of a difference since it's about the connector size, not the coax.
I used something similar to this:
Without the PolyPhasers, you'd just install the connector of your choice. This is sized for type N connectors, which are the same size as the PL-259's.

You could also use something like this, and just have it drilled out to your specifications:

You can also just google "coaxial patch panel" and a bunch of options come up:

When it was in college, I worked in their television studios. We had the BNC panels for some baseband video patching. We also had the ADC type patch panels.
Used to see a lot of those at hamfests for relatively cheap.

Another option, although it would be BNC only, would be to get an old DS3 patch panel. We've got them in our main MPOE left over from when the phone company gave us services via DS3 circuits. Might be a few of those on e-Bay if you shopped around there. Way overkill, but something like this would work if you could manage with BNC only:!95076!US!-1
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