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I've got a 50 ohm version of the ADC panel in your link but made by Trompeter that's good to 200MHz and would be great for patching HF antennas to various receivers. These use specific green color WECO style "U links" to normalize a circuit or 50 ohm WECO patch cables to cross patch any antenna to any radio. There are also WECO to BNC adaptors so you can convert a patch point to BNC for connecting other stuff. All connections on the rear of the panel are BNC. Its probably the best and coolest way to patch radios. If N9JIG could use it contact me offline to discuss.

I'm also working on getting a couple of similar 2GHz rated 50 ohm patch panels for VHF/UHF antennas and receivers. These things cost a bundle new.

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And then there's this:

I used to use a lot of these in the video side. They are self patching through, and you can interrupt/repatch with a suitable ADC patch cable. They are 75Ω, but that won't matter for receiving.
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