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Originally Posted by jim202 View Post
I would not choose the original panel feed through connectors that you showed a picture of in the first message. That is way too much work to mount them. I would suggest that you get the panel feed through connectors that are threaded and use the nut that comes with them to mount them.

This way if you make your own panels, all you have to do is drill a hole to allow them to be fed into the panel and then just tighten them up. Much less work to construct the panels.
That was what I was originally intending and what I would likely be doing when all is said and done.

I kind of like the idea of the 4-hole square mounts if there was a preexisting panel to mount them in. That would save me the trouble of drilling out the holes (which I am not quipped for) and allow future changes due to the standard size.
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