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I know some Arizona DPS troopers have had them in the past, particularly those who patrol more rural stretches of highway, but I don't know if any of them, or if any of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau troopers, still do.
I also don't know if any of the AzDOT Enforcement and Compliance Division officers who man the ports of entry and sometimes run mobile compliance checks ever did or still do so.

I do believe that at least some of the AzDOT ALERT members and Maricopa County DOT REACT members do. (ALERT and REACT are specially trained DOT members who work with DPS, and the SO and some local PD's respectively, to provide traffic control and roadway shutdowns as needed due to incidents. I have heard both teams working together to take traffic off the freeway and direct them over rural surface streets back onto the freeway a few miles away, and I heard mention of the use of CB's to direct the truckers.)

In my opinion, it would make sense for at least the more rural troopers and deputies to do so, as well as those who are responsible for commercial vehicle enforcement, however, as mentioned above, it may not be possible what with all of the other radios that they may have.

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