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Originally Posted by stantorres View Post
With public safety mostly adopting P-25 and the US military moving toward having P-25 capable equipment, why has ham radio not done the same? DMR seems to be the most popular, with D-star, fusion and some other scattered technologies here and there.
One of the primary reasons is P25 is still expensive.
It's an old technology, APCO started working on it over 20 years ago.
It doesn't do anything that the other formats can't do.

Originally Posted by stantorres View Post
One of our missions in ham radio is to be the backup communications in times of national disaster, seems like we should be on P-25 like our public safety partners.
Since amateur radio operators cannot legally transmit on the Part 90 frequencies used by public safety, there's no need for hams to be running the same emissions. In fact, amateurs running simpler/more robust modes makes much more sense. Lower cost radios in the hands of more people makes more sense than adapting an aging and overpriced format.

Amateurs don't gain anything by running P25, other than bragging rights. While some are doing it with repurpose commercial equipment, it does lock out hams with lower budgets. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not the way to get more people involved.

Analog is still king.
The lower cost digital emissions make more sense for a hobby radio service.
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