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Default Why is ham radio not P-25?

Originally Posted by KG4INW View Post
Used, definitely, but not for brand new P25 equipment. Even top of the line DMR radios are significantly more affordable than P25 subscriber units. When DMR radios can be had new (quality issues not withstanding) for less than what amateur analog only HTs historically went for, it makes sense that they're enticing.

Depending on what you are looking at, I can actually name several P25 SUs that are comparable in price to some higher end DMR SUs from Motorola, Icom, GME, and Simoco. Now of course, thatís comparing list pricing and itíll vary by dealer. They arenít full featured (no trunking, or nice bells and whistles) but they do include some features that would cost you optionwise with the higher end DMR radios (looking at list pricing).

Of course itís all relevant to build quality, software availability, confidence in programming, actual needed versus desired features, etc.

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