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Originally Posted by hiegtx View Post
The RH77CA is a good antenna, especially for Vhf & Uhf. It also does well on 700/800MHz for nearby or stronger systems.

If your scanning is mostly on 700 or 800MHz trunked systems, you may find that the RadioShack 800MHz antenna is a better choice. This Remtronix antenna is the same item (they manufacture the one RadioShack sells). If you purchase the BNC version, you'd need to use the SMA to BNC adapter that came with your scanner. However, the SMA version is shown on that same page.

The RH77CA is a BNC based antenna, so you would use the adapter for it as well, or simply order it's SMA version.

I've also had good results with this antenna, also available with a BNC o SMA base.
The Remtronix antenna works well on 118 MHz and up. Very surprised at how well it works. I have used the RS version for over 10 years. One has stayed on my BCD396XT and now my BCD436HP all the time, and I never needed anything else portable. I have tried several others and always came back to it.
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