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Originally Posted by extan View Post
Additional note: I spoke with a large, national, renter of comm equipment, and he came back recommending PTT. That's what we used last time and had terrible luck with it.

So it seems like 2-ways + repeaters are our bet? Any specific advice is greatly appreciated!
It would help a whole lot to know what you used last year that didn't work.

A mile in a heavy urban area can be a challenge if you are trying to use consumer grade radios, or simplex (radio to radio).

There's also some issues with what band you were using. Some bands will work better in urban environments and others will work better in rural environments.

Ideally, you don't want to buy a bunch of gear for a one day event. You likely are not going to get any sort of reliable two way radio coverage from any sort of consumer grade radios. You'll want to look at renting radios including access to a repeater.

That won't be "cheap", but it'll work and at the end of the day you return all the radios and walk away.
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