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Originally Posted by Chickenhawk56 View Post
I am assuming "PTT" means the Wave PTT solution that integrates Motorola MOTOTRBO with smartphone communications. If that system was lacking, then something went wrong somewhere or they were in an area of the city without proper coverage.

With all due respect, this question should be dealt with by a professional two-way radio supplier. They are the ones who know the coverage area and know what will work. The Wave PTT solution seems overkill for your needs and may have been oversold by a provider or an enthusiast member of your organization. Or maybe someone tried to cut corners to get radio communication without paying for subscriptions.

Everything is two-way radio communication is a compromise. You can get inexpensive radios with private communication, great clarity and long range.

You just can't get all that in one radio.
The OP has already stated that they used AT&T's ePTT solution last year.

Wave/Wave-On-Cloud is Motorola's LTE-PTT solution built specifically for integrating with some of their trunking solutions (Connect Plus, Capacity Max, and Astro 25). I believe Wave2 is capable of integrating over a standard ISSI so it could technically be used as a multi-manufacturer solution but it's been awhile since I've messed with it.
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