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To the OP (for clarification)... It sounds as if you might have an over-simplified concept of how 2-way radio repeaters work. A typical repeater only re-transmits signals from one radio to others. The effective range will depend on many factors, as others have mentioned. Generally, repeaters do not repeat to one another in order to extend range. Something like this could be done, but would require serious engineering and infrastructure support to accomplish (expensive!)

You also mention the need for discrete "channels" for each group. Without the use of multiple frequency pairs, this capability can best be accomplished only with advanced technology. The use of simple analog radios is not indicated. I would also agree that any solution that uses the public cell phone network will likely prove unreliable due to the vastly increased traffic that such an event (and the on-lookers) would create.

Given the short time frame and the minimal time of use, the only reasonable solution I can see for you is to identify a commercial radio provider who has access to a currently-in-place radio system (probably a multi-site trunked system) and can rent you the user equipment that is required to support your event.

And you would need to do this quickly!

Best of luck,
John AC4JK
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