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Originally Posted by Skypilot007 View Post
I sure hope Connect Systems vendor can get the firmware straightened out on these CS800D radios. Against my better judgment I bought one of these. The firmware is loaded with bugs. They are slowly fixing them but it's at a snails pace. Really was hoping for a usable dual band DMR radio instead of having two rigs in the car. This CS800D has been a big let down so far. It still sitting on my work bench waiting for some firmware that works.

They managed to screw up the CS750 radios with the last version of firmware so bad Connect Systems had to disable the download links. Cannot revert back to a working version apparently. So now I have two almost completely useless radios. Yay !
Do you have a list of bugs in the CS800D? I can't say I've seen a detailed list, and I've only had enough time to so some basic programming on mine.
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