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Originally Posted by led11 View Post
I started off with the browse library install. And have since used the ez scan software to install the updated channels. and add wildcard to get it to scan.I am hearing more traffic than I was.I am seeing things on the display when it talks like....TGRP 80,,21360,,50,,17481,,56,,57,,and i need to add these to the scanner ? I dont no what the RAN is.thanks Larry
The two digit numbers look like TGID's. The five digit numbers are Radio ID's. That means you put in a Private Wildcard. If you want to follow what is on those TG's to ID them, yes, put them in the scanner. Then you can figure out who is what on those. Don't worry about the RAN on a trunk system. That only applies on conventional frequencies

Glad you got it working. A lot of people just have a hard time with the software. Took me about three months to figure it out. And that is many years ago. The biggest problem is with the GA database being old and out of date.
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