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Thanks again for all the extremely valuable feedback!

One point maybe worth emphasizing is that while marathons may deal with similarly-sized crowds, they are spread out of much greater distance. I think the challenges they face are quite different than ours. Also, as I think mmkenna mentioned, creating another dependency with shadow radio operators adds complexity to what we really want to simplify as much as possible.
I'm inclined to feel the same way about mixing in simplex communication -- it becomes a more complex system. (except maybe as a backup? see below)

It seems to me, after listening to you all and all things considered, that a repeater-based solution, if it is available, would be the best bet.

It took quite a few calls, most of which bore nothing, but I finally did find a couple places that say they have in-place repeaters (one of this is trunked across 4 in the area, the other located right about at the exact midpoint).

We plan to get a handful of sets to test a week before the test. I note your comment, Rred, about posting relays. Do you mean as a backup, in case the repeater goes down? Unfortunately it's not possible for us to set up a test involving hundreds of thousands of of people packed together as far as the eye can see :-/
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