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I think I found my solution. A friend suggested that I look at Front Panel Express (Front Panel Express: Front Panel Design Software and CAD Conversion Service: Home).

I downloaded their mini CAD program and designed a couple possible solutions. The premier one, with 27 ports for maximum flexibility and future possibilities, ends up costing about $150 all in, including custom labeling. I would have 6 F-Connector cutouts, 6 for BNC and 15 for SO239/N connectors, each engrave-labeled with numbers and my call signs engrave-labeled at the top. This would be on a panel of whatever thickness I choose, but unfortunately it only comes in aluminum. It is 24 inches wide and 8 inches tall.

I am thinking 2.5 MM thick, if anyone has any reason why that wouldn't be best please let me know. I can go thicker if needed

The price includes the material, powder coating and labeling. I chose to have the edges curved. I have a picture from the CAD program below.

Each hole is on two-inch offsets, the dots are all one inch apart from the next. I still have to add the mounting holes but I need to do some measuring to get those right. The wall this is going on has a 20 inch space between the studs so this panel is a bit wider and there is plenty of space on each end to clear and mount to the studs. I would enlarge the existing wall holes into one large one a bit smaller than the panel and put in threaded inserts into the studs to hold the panel.

In reality I will have only 4 antennas with RG6QS and F-connectors, 4 with BNC equipped RG58, 6-8 with RG8X/LMR400 and PL259's and a couple with N Connectors. All the extra connectors will give me the ability to add a couple antenna later if I want. Since we are looking forward to our next home already, this would come with me for use at the next house as well.

(If we custom build our next house I plan on a tower with all LMR400 and N-connectors. If I need more than what are already on this panel I can just drill out some of the smaller holes.)

The 6 holes in the far left side are for F connectors, the 6 in Columns 3 and 4 are for BNC and the rest are for N and SO239. I have all the panel mount connectors, they just need a panel to mount them in.
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