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Originally Posted by W9OHM View Post
HI Rich, your plan looks good and frankly seems like the best way to go. Just for giggles, with all the consolidations @ Norcom agencies perhaps someone may have some panels for grounding bulkheads laying around or about to be trashed. If I recall they may fit the bill. Just a thought.
I was thinking the same idea, and the installation we had at my agency was an inspiration for this idea.

We had our tower out back with five 1-7/8" hardlines and two 1/2" hardlines coming from the antennas to a copper panel just inside the equipment room, where they terminated with polyphasers, all with N connectors. We had 1/2 hard lines as jumpers to the various radio cabinets and over the years ended up adding a couple more antennas to the tower with 1/2" hardline. Coming from a 110 foot tower and about a 200 foot cable run (including up the tower) this all worked rather well. Other agencies on our network had smaller but similar arrangements.

With the pending switch to StarCom21 looming I would be tempted to acquire this stuff but from what I hear the infrastructure is planned to remain in place for a while during after the changeover and then the phone lines disconnected but the radio stuff left in place for single site repeaters as backups. Nevertheless, I am too far away to recover it myself...
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