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Originally Posted by W9OHM View Post
Yep. We also had about 8 lines coming in. I seem to recall @ GV with the new building we may have had a panel or two available for possible expansion, anticipating ongoing/further consolidation. Who knows if they were used. But this is all fuzzy memory now, being retired for almost 7 years!! This is Bob btw, from GV.

Oh yeah, I knew who you were Bob. I pulled the pin almost 3 years ago now myself. Hope life is as good for you as it is for me!

I am thinking BTW of reducing the panel to 18 ports, 4 "F", 4 BNC and 10 SO239/N slots. It should be plenty for here and if we do end up at the new house with a tower should be fine there too by just drilling out a couple of the holes. The panel would have the holes far enough apart to accommodate polyphazers either way
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