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Originally Posted by KB7MIB View Post
So I have to wonder then, what is the programming for the rest of the B-deck?

IIRC, the radios that Phoenix, et al, use, can be programmed either for all VHF, or all 700/800 MHz per deck, but they can't be mixed in the same deck.

If Phoenix FD B-11 is Mesa FD C-2, then Phoenix FD B-10 should be Mesa FD C-1, Phoenix FD B-12 should be Mesa FD C-3, etc., but what are Phoenix FD B-1 through B-9?

Is it possible that the CAD hasn't been updated, and it still refers to old programming in the radios? I honestly would not be surprised if that is the case.

This is my list:
B1 - PFD A-1
B2 - BCC 1
B3 - VFIRE22
B4 - VFIRE21
B5 - VFIRE23
B6 - RMFD 2
B7 - RMFD 5
B8 - CSG FD1
B9 - CSG FD2
B10 - CSG FD3
B11 - MES 1
B12 - MES 2
B13 - MES 3
B14 - MCSO8
B15 - NOAA
B16 - PFD A-1

So PHX CAD is a little outdated when it comes to mesa fire channels. As we all know, mesa works all their incidents on their 800mhz channels. However PHX CAD assigns channels based on nature, so when Mesa is asking for units, it defaults to B11 for hazards or MF3 for non-hazards. Mesa will, through a CAD inter-connect, update the channel the incident is being worked on. This is displayed within the incident but the incident you see online doesn't get changed.

I believe back in the day, you'd hear "E271 to mesa alarm, we're responding to the house fire. What channel will this be worked on?" over Mesa Channel 1.

I imagine this all will be changed once mesa's VHF is inservice. Also updates need to be made that only mesa is worked on MF3. GIL, APJ, QCR are on MF4.
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