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Originally Posted by jmooney View Post
Hi All,

I'd like to install a dual band base antenna (likely no more than 50W at max output) for reporting in to my Skywarn Net and ragchewing. I'd also like to put up a discone or similar wideband RX antenna for monitoring Aircraft, Marine, RR, etc.

I'm assuming I can't put them right next to each other because when I transmit it'll overload the receiver connected to the discone. Is this correct?

Originally Posted by jmooney View Post
How far apart should they be on the house?
More is better, in this case. What I've seen people do is mount the transceiver antenna at one end of the roof and the receiver antennas at the other end. More separation reduces the amount of desensitization the receiver will experience. You can also try mounting the TX antenna well above the RX antennas, if that's an option.

Originally Posted by jmooney View Post
I guess I have the same question for a random wire or dipole for SWL as I'm considering this too.
Usually less of an option due to receiver filtering, but if you are going to run coax to the other end of the roof, might as well run the ones for the SWL antenna, also.

The exact specifics would be hard to nail down. Has to do with transmitter power, feed line loss, antenna separation, filtering on the RX radio, coax loss on that radio, etc. etc. etc. You can experiment and see how close you can get them before it's an issue, or you can just design for maximum separation (considering cable costs, losses, etc) and avoid it as much as you can.
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