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This can't be stressed enough - make sure that, God forbid, if your antennas should fall, that they don't fall on power or phone lines. That could be a fatal error, and almost certainly start a fire. Too, power and phone lines (or more properly, things like crappy insulators and transformers) can be noise sources.

Whatever you get for your SWL antenna, make sure it's nice and far away from the home where there is a virtual plethoria of possible noise sources. These are your enemy on HF. If you're squeezed for space - so many of us are - think about loops, which are often mounted at ground level and reasonably easy to get away from the home. Do some homework on this subject, and keep in mind that as long as there's no traps or coils involved, a ham antenna can also be a pretty good SWL antenna (an example would be a G5RV, if you have the space), depending on what you are trying to do

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