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Thanks for all the advice my friends!

Looking over my roof again and what I'm trying to do, I've come up with a plan where my discone and weather station will be mounted near my DirectTV dish on one end of the house. I live in a Cape Cod style home (slanted ceilings upstairs) but have an upstairs bathroom that extends out and up from the existing roof. I will mount my dual band base antenna on the bathroom to get it above any of the receiving and WX apparatus. I will run the SWL/HF antenna (likely a PAR End Fedz Quad) from a corner of the bathroom (lower than the dual band antenna) to a tree or pole mounted on the shed at the back of my property (a 60ftX100ft lot.) This will keep the V/U transmitting above an RX antennas and the WX station. THE SWL/HF antenna will be between the V/U antenna and the RX antenna and WX station. If I do eventually get on HF here, I wouldn't run any more that 50W at most due to the proximity of the houses. I'd likely operate QRP on digital modes 99.9% of the time. This will keep all antennas and equipment at least 15-20 feet from any power lines or telecom lines so any interference would be minimized.

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