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Originally Posted by led11 View Post
I am tring to start over and find as many talkgroups as I can.I
dont think I have them all that easy.We have things like detectives and
drug units that stay on the interstate all the time and I know i can't
be getting it all. I'm sure alot of business is done on the phone.
I was afraid I might have done something to stop my password from
doing it's job; so i want to start over. what better way to learn
I dont know how to factory default this scanner but I entered
a blank folder via the software and entered BANKS browse library
and then add system.
it loads 1 talk group named HOMER so I edit the frequencies and use the ones
in the previous post by Troymail and go on to add all the cites listed
also and enter their which I believe to be correct for the most part.
I go to add talkgroup and then to TGID Wildcard and add 65535 I read that password somewhere
in the owners manual I guess... anyways to make a long story short.I can't get
a peep out of it for 2 days tring LOL
I did edit it straight through the scanner and not the software if you think
that would matter..
thanks for reading and am trying to explain it the best I can.
since this is not your first rodeo. I believe you no what I am trying to do.

Larry - I just sent you a PM and email....
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