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I've done lots of antenna installs on fiberglass vehicles and campers using wide aluminum HVAC tape for CB, VHF and UHF. At the minimum try to make an X 1/2 wavelength across so you have four 1/4 wavelength radials if space permits and mount the antenna in the middle of the X. More radials is better, especially if you don't have space for full 1/4 wavelength radials.

I would also go a step further and put a common mode RF choke in the feed line. For VHF/UHF get a large #43 mix ferrite bead, either snap on or solid with at least a 1/2" hole through it, then wrap 3 passes of the coax through the hole for VHF or UHF. You can place the choke right at the mount or if space permits place it 1/4 wavelength down the coax from the mount.
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