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You can make the tape permanent by rolling on a layer of surfboard resin. Clean and degrease the side you will be applying tape to thoroughly, then apply tape and install antenna mount. After the grounding to the tape is proven to be reliable, use a small roller to apply a layer of resin and your done.

I've had friends do something similar on a fiberglass camper where they installed an antenna mount in the middle of the roof, then with the camper upside down they completely lined the underside of the roof with aluminum window screen and a few layers of surfboard resin.

Originally Posted by mmckenna View Post
I've done the aluminum and copper tape thing before.

Trouble I had was this was on a UTV roof. The roof was heavy/thick plastic. Constant vibration and heat/cool cycles caused the tape to eventually tear and start to come apart. You either need thick enough tape to not do that, or look at 1/2 wave antennas (which I eventually did).

You can purchase copper flashing rolls from hardware stores pretty inexpensively. Attaching that to the roof will work, but you'll need something strong enough to hold it in place. Drilling through/into the roof in enough places to do this is going to be problematic.

Depending on what frequencies you run, it can be pretty easy. Some of the larger antenna manufacturers produce pre-made/pre-drilled metal disks, but they are around 6", so really only good for UHF and higher frequencies. You could certainly make a VHF version.
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