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Originally Posted by chassed View Post
Also I am assuming I will need Thick Surface NMO mount. Anyone have an idea how thick the fiberglass normally is? The truck is a Peterbilt Cabover.
It's hard to guess the thickness of a fiberglass truck roof remotely. I would suggest that you first decide whether you are going to use a 3/8" or 3/4" NMO. They're both available in thick surface versions. There's also some different thickness thick surface mounts available. Source your mount first so you know you can get the right one. Then drill the hole and measure the thickness. Put a temporary plug in it and order the mount.

If you go the tape route for a ground plane, you probably won't have worry about the added thickness, but it you use a metal disc, you might. Verify the thickness of the disc and add it to the roof thickness to be sure.
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