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Granted they were on Concrete mixer trucks that take acid baths and lots of water to clean etc. so we wanted very sturdy mounts. We had the local sheet metal specialty shop make up some stainless steel 24ga plates with mild breaks to each corner for structural strength and pop the 3/4 hole in the center. I used zinc plated self tappers 3 to a side and RTV underneath. Drilled a 3/4" hole in the fiberglass center of the roof for coax and antenna base, standard NMO mount to the SS, glue and screw the plate to the roof and never had RF or mounting problems.
The deep NMO mounts to fiberglass I used on a pair of tow trucks were always a problem no matter what I tried with aluminum and copper tape and ferrites. We eventually convinced them to go to the SS plates that solved the problem.

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