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Nothing like that. I was using port 80 I had a web server on a small desktop connected to a weather station and it generated a nice little web page with graphs stats and current conditions.

Upgraded from 3G to 4G then one day I wanted to look at conditions while I was away and nothing. Tried pinging my web address via dyndns and it would not respond... tried a port scan and nothing. Thinking it was a configuration issue or something broke with the apachie server I just gave up was not super important.

Bought a pan Tilt security camera installed it works great inside the home network, tried getting to it from outside the network and nothing! Did some reading on the web and it looked as if all incoming ports are blocked on LTE.. but I see some hams doing stuff wirelessly thru their modems. Wondering if there is a way around it, I also tried the DMZ feature of the modem and nothing.

Yes possibly have to pay for a static address/business account I hope not. I guess I can call but just wondering if there is a work around prior to me considering paying a premium on my already expensive phone bill.
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