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Originally Posted by k4gps View Post
It may... I have used VNC in the past but never off a cloud server. I was looking to do this for both control of my scanner but also control of my SDR Play receiver using my PI3.Both just arrived and I have built the PI and configured it with SDR Pi. I also got the SDRPlay2 today and installed it in my laptop. Tonight I hope to get the SDR on the PI3 and get that working.

The cloud server MAY BE the trick. I do not have ATT but we will see...
Good luck with the SDR on the pi3. I have never been able to get that to work. There are some long threads on this forum about it. Some seem to be able to make it work, others not so.

Even if you just set up your pi3 with RealVNC to gain access to the home network you should be able then to control any of your devices from there I would hope.
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