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Originally Posted by M105 View Post
Do you by any chance have a UHF (or any other) trunked system nearby that you could monitor to see if it skips? The problem could be something specific to the system you are listening to.
There is a UHF trunked system but is a small one - one CC and 2 voice channels. It's not so heavy on traffic and there are rarely 2 active voice channels at once. Never monitored it that much but as far as I remember there was no issues. I'll check it again just to be sure.

Originally Posted by slicerwizard View Post
They're overly complicated, but I don't see anything that looks like it would cause problems.
Don't know why you count them as complicated, but I also tried to remove all that wasn't a must and there was no difference.

Originally Posted by cg View Post
Is it all the voice channels or just one you hear skipping on? Do you see any changes in the FMP24 window when you hear the skip?
I get interference from a local repeater on all my UHF unless I drop the Gain setting. I also get some other interference (Passport key ups) on one voice channel for a DMR TRS.

It's not any particular channel. It only happens when multiple channels are active. Nevermind which one. I did played with the gain also. It's low enough to have good signal and in the same time to not over saturate the receiver
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