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Originally Posted by BM82557 View Post
I haven't been able to get the compile to work either. I've downloaded and extracted the jmbe_builder zip file and run the Make_jmbe_library_windows batch file. It creates a folder labeled jmbe but I haven't been able to find jmbe_0.3.2.jar file file. I-m running Win 7 64-bit and have Java 8.0_73

Found a post from last year that says "the JMBE auto-builder requires you to have the (Java Development Kit) version installed and the JAVA_HOME environment variable setup. I have to update the instructions on the wiki." Don't believe I have the development kit.
Where the heck do you set the JAVA_HOME at? Been trying ot get JMBE going without luck because of this and poor instructions on the JMBE Wiki.
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