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Originally Posted by cg View Post
Have you tried each channel in conventional mode to try to narrow down the source? I would lean to an outside transmitter causing interference.
If you can go mobile with a laptop and SDR, you could change locations and see if that eliminates the problem.

I tried to listen to each channel as a stand alone channel - no problem at all

Originally Posted by cg View Post
You said you have multiple receivers when you posted two SDR input sources in your batch files. Two is multiple, each one causes more load on the CPU.

Never said that. Maybe you got it wrong because trunking require 2 dognles but that's not something new. The only time when I said "multiple" was when I was describing the problem which occur when multiple CHANNELS are active at the same time. And to be clear on that "CPU issue" I could say that on my daily usage CPU rarely goes above 13% with DSDPlus running and some other programs running in background.
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