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Originally Posted by LimaZulu View Post
That's a possibility as I tried almost every possible option and nothing helps. Right now I'm running it with the most simplified bat files and the problem is still there.

DSDPlus -rc -i20001 -fn -v1 -_3

DSDPlus -rv -i20002 -o2 -fn -v1 -O NUL -_3

FMP24 -i2 -rc -o20001 -f168.68125 -b4 -g28.0 -z0 -P50 -_1
FMP24 -i2 -rc -o20001 -f167.98125 -b4 -g28.0 -z0 -P50 -_1
FMP24 -i2 -rc -o20001 -f168.48125 -b4 -g28.0 -z0 -P50 -_1
goto A

FMP24 -rv -i1 -o20002 -P33.0 -g32.8 -z0 -_3

Still didn't managed to do a raw audio record from dsd-vc. Hope to have some free time soon to do it.
You are running two receivers. Call it what you want.

I have not seen an FMP24 batch file like the FMP-CC above. The normal way to scan multiple channels is to put them into a separate scanlist and issue the -s1 command to FMP24.
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