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Default Grundig / Eton Executive Satellit - Question

Just bought a Grundig / Eton Executive Satellit from Amazon. Everything appears to work okay, but have a question, or perhaps it's a problem. I noticed the DX / Local switch on the side of the radio works on every mode ( FM, SW, AIR ) except the AM Broadcast Band. In other words, when I engage the Local switch you notice a definite reduction in sensitivity, EXCEPT the AM Broadcast band. When on the AM Broadcast band moving the switch back from Local to DX does absolutely nothing. I find this very strange. I assume it should work, however, the AM broadcast band for this radio appears to be very good and sensitive. So I'm not sure if it's working okay. I could not find any info on this......does anyone have this radio, and is it performing like mine ? Any information would help. If I have a bad unit, I'll send it back for a refund.
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