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Essentially fire calls are handled on the analog A deck channels and most other calls (ie medical, accident, etc) are handled on the digital K deck.

Like most things in life both analog and digital have advantages and disadvantages. With the analog channels the radios can always communicate over a short distance and can be used efficiently by someone in a burning building to someone on the outside (for example). Digital K decks by design have to go through basically the equivalent of a repeater. If you are in a burning building on a walkie talkie you might not be able to connect to the system and you're in trouble.

The numbers are basically different areas of town and if you pay attention you can see a pattern, but it can be confusing and isn't always followed. For example 6 is usually the NW valley, Glendale, Peoria, etc. But if there are 2 incidents close by they'll probably be on different channels.

It's a bit more complicated than this, but that's most of it in a nutshell.
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