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Default Zerofive

Originally Posted by prcguy View Post
A ZeroFive vertical usually has a 4:1 type balun at the base and needs lots of ground radials with a tuner in the shack. With everything working perfect its a very mediocre antenna at best using the supplied balun.

The very best thing to do is ditch the balun and use a wide range auto tuner right at the base with plenty of radials, then the antenna will wake up and work everywhere just fine. If your Icom had a tune button a good tuner would be the Icom AH-4, but I don't know how your radio would deal with that.

Otherwise an SGC-230, 231 or 237 series would work fine and you would just key up in AM mode or low power FM while watching your SWR meter, when it settles down your good to talk.

I have a similar antenna, the DX Engineering 43ft that also came with a 4:1 balun. It was a dog until I replaced the balun with an SGC tuner and then it came alive and worked great. I also played with different amounts of ground radials and going from four to eight to a dozen then finally about 30 really helped. All my radials are about 30-33ft long.
Thanks. I bought this presumably “no radial” vertical for specific RV park use (where I have no space for radials). So, I may well be flat out of luck with this unit. Zerofive says “no radials” but admits that all verticals work best with appropriate radials. I had at least hope I could get on the air - even if not with optimum performance.
So do you believe my current LDG AT-100Pro should tune this as it sits? I would get a remote tuner (like the SGC or LDG) if it would do better without radials than the current in shack LDG AT100Pro.
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