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I'm going horizontal. What height did you run your Sirio 27-3 at? I will be looking at 18'-24' for height. I am trying to upgrade from an iMAX 2000 (gain @ 5.1 DBi) to Sirio 27-3 (gain 10.65 DBi) but I have read.....

"First of all, a 3 element Yagi Antenna only produces + 6 dBd / 8.2 dBi Gain -- No More, No Less and it does not matter which Frequency Band the 3 element Yagi is being used on! The Sirio 27-3 3 element 11/10 Meter Yagi Beam Antenna is using Hyper-Inflated numbers for their Electrical Antenna Gain Measurements being mostly Sold to the CB market place!"

I m am hope for the best!
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