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Default So.......

Originally Posted by W9BU View Post
From the instruction sheet for that antenna: "Even though this is a no radial vertical, radials are recommended for the best performance with any vertical."

I have that exact antenna. I am feeding it with an Icom AH-4 remote tuner mounted at the base of the antenna. I have about 16 33-foot radials laid out and I plan to add more. The antenna works well, for a vertical, and has allowed me to make many contacts, mostly on RTTY. I tried it once with an LDG AT-series tuner inside the house, but it did not work nearly as well as it did with the remote tuner.

Thank you.
Perhaps Iíll spring for a remote tuner. Did you leave the unun in place?
If I can only get a few radials down (perhaps), is that any better than none?
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