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Your LDG tuner at the radio end should tune it to a usable match, but there will be a lot of loss in the balun and coax, that's just how that works. LDG tuners are not really meant for use right at a whip type antenna, they are more of a coax "line flattener". If you look at auto tuners designed for use on a whip or long wire the components are rated at much higher voltages than LDG uses because a random length wire or whip can have some wild impedance and very high voltage at the feedpoint.

Using your tuner at the radio end with the stock balun at the antenna and no radials makes a pretty grim antenna. It might make some contacts on the higher bands like 20 or 17m but not on 40 or 80. Put a bunch of radials or a couple of lengths of chicken wire under it and it will work much better. Put an SGC or similar wire/whip tuner on it with some radials and you won't recognize the antenna any more, it will impress you.

Does your RV have a metal skin? If so its commont to mount verticals to them and use the vehicle as the ground plane or counterpoise. You would still need an autotuner at the base of the antenna to make it sing.

Originally Posted by K1JWJ View Post
Thanks. I bought this presumably “no radial” vertical for specific RV park use (where I have no space for radials). So, I may well be flat out of luck with this unit. Zerofive says “no radials” but admits that all verticals work best with appropriate radials. I had at least hope I could get on the air - even if not with optimum performance.
So do you believe my current LDG AT-100Pro should tune this as it sits? I would get a remote tuner (like the SGC or LDG) if it would do better without radials than the current in shack LDG AT100Pro.
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