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A 27ft vertical with auto tuner at the base on a metal RV will beat any mobile mounted in the same place, even large screwdriver types. If you can find a way to mount the Zerofive like clamped to a ladder or ?? it could work very well.

I carry lots of antennas when camping in my small travel trailer and sometimes I use a 32ft Shakespeare military whip over lots of ground radials and a modified 500w Harris RF-382 auto tuner at the base. It works really well and I have to go with ground radials because my trailer is all fiberglass.

Originally Posted by K1JWJ View Post
I have an Airstream trailer so I have a 30x8 aluminum roof with which to play. How to mount this up there is a different matter. Perhaps a mobile antenna of some sort. May need a different antenna? Better option than what I have?
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