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Originally Posted by prcguy View Post
A 27ft vertical with auto tuner at the base on a metal RV will beat any mobile mounted in the same place, even large screwdriver types. If you can find a way to mount the Zerofive like clamped to a ladder or ?? it could work very well.

I carry lots of antennas when camping in my small travel trailer and sometimes I use a 32ft Shakespeare military whip over lots of ground radials and a modified 500w Harris RF-382 auto tuner at the base. It works really well and I have to go with ground radials because my trailer is all fiberglass.
Thanks for the great effort to help!
Do not have a ladder. But could likely get a longer mast and somehow secure it to the frame or tongue. Could then mount the antenna so that the base would be above roof level. The roof would all be off one in one direction from the antenna but it might still work as a ground plane. ????
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